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Clubs, Activities & Competitions

Holy Infant Catholic School and Parish sponsor a large array of clubs and activities open to all students.  In addition to building skills in specific areas, these clubs foster the sense of belonging that all children crave and deserve.  Below is a non-comprehensive listing of some of the clubs and activities at Holy Infant Catholic School and Holy Infant Parish:
  • Ambassadors for Christ Leadership Program

  • Athletics                       

  • Band

  • Boy Scouts                   

  • Choristers / Chorale                      

  • Cotillion 

  • Cub Scouts

  • Girl Scouts  

  • Handbell Choirs                                           

  • Handwriting Contest

  • History Day Competition

  • Irish Dancing                                           

  • Math Club/Competitions

  • McNamara's Band 

  • National Geographic Geography Bee    

  • Poster and Essay Contest 

  • Scripps National Spelling Bee

  • Vianney Academic Decathlon

  • Vocations Contests     

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