Mid-Day Recreation Now Open

Our Mid-Day Recreation Program involves all the Kindergarten through Grade 8 parents at Holy Infant School.  These school families are required to share in the responsibility of supervising students during the recess period. This program is vital to the safety and welfare of your children.  Again this year each family is required to perform four duties to ensure that your children are adequately supervised.   It is our preference that you sign up for Mid-Day Recreation duty, but we understand that schedules do not always allow parents this option.   If you are unable to perform Mid-Day Recreation duty, there is an option to buyout of all four  duties for a fee of $120.  

Again this year you will be using the online website Signup.com to schedule your four duties.  If you choose to buy out, you should send your check for $120 made out to Holy Infant School to the school office by October 4, 2024, or click the BUYOUT link.

We ask that you sign up for your four duties as soon as possible.  Because you are allowed to select your dates, we expect you to make every effort to be present for your duties.  If you cannot report on your scheduled date, do not go to Signup.com and delete your name from the schedule.  Our schedule shows who originally signed up, so you will be held responsibleIf you cannot report for your assigned duty, you are free to trade with other parents.  If you cannot report on your assigned day, and cannot find someone to trade with you, you must contact and pay a substitute on your own.  We will provide a Mid-Day Recreation Sub List on our website and you will be responsible for paying your substitute a fee of $30. (Please see section Procedure for Finding a Substitute.) If you do not report for duty and do not fill your assigned duty with a substitute, you will be charged a fine of $60. As before, if your substitute fails to fulfill your duty, you will be responsible for the $60 fine.


Mid-Day Recreation Program