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Innovation Lab

Welcome to the iLab

As many of you may know, we received a grant to develop an Innovation Lab in our school.  Thanks in part to Mrs. Lenger & Mr. Meesey, we were able to get the ball rolling and start creating an exciting space for our students to expand their innovative minds. Under the guidance of Mrs. Wolf, our teachers will be utilizing this space for various activities from coding, to building, to sewing... just to name a few. Some of our teachers have already been using the lab and the students are very excited to be in a new space.

Throughout the year, classes will require random supplies for their activities.  Teachers will be planning ahead for their "iLab" adventure, but we could use some items.

We've put together a list of items that would be very useful in the iLab.  Some of these might be things you have around the house and don't know what to do with them, and other items are things that you may throw away because you don't have a use for them.  Check out our iLab Wish List and see if you can help with our projects.  This list will be up the entire year, so if you are out shopping and see something, mark it off the list and send it in with your student.